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Marble Surface


How do I buy a print?

Simply click on  'Shop', select the print you would like to purchase and go to checkout :-)

Which products do you offer?

We currently offer framed prints, which are printed on quality photo paper with a luster (satin) finish. The image is presented within a 2-3 inch white border and 1.25 inch solid frame. Prints are fitted with protective plexiglass and are ready to hang.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders are usually shipped out within 3 business days and arrive within 12.

What sized prints do you offer?

There are three different sizes to choose from.

Small: 25 x 20 cm

Medium: 35cm x 28 cm

Large: 50 x 40 cm

(These sizes are of the actual artwork)

Where are your products manufactured?

It depends on your location, products are manufactured and shipped from a few different print hubs worldwide.

Are quality checks carried out?

Yes, every product goes through quality control to make sure it looks good before it is shipped to you.

Tell Me More...

Your framed prints will arrive ready to hang on the wall. What better way to decorate your home and add a modern touch to your decor! The design will be printed on quality paper that gives off a sheen. This satin finish is sure to give your room a sophisticated touch. The print will have a 2-3 inch white border on all sides which will enhance the image inside. The outer 1.25 inch solid frame encases the whole item. The plexiglass will work as a protective cover so you do not have to worry about the overactive children or excited pets at home.

The clarity of the image combined with the pleasing frame makes this a must-have item. You can also gift this item to friends, colleagues or your loved ones. A framed print also makes for a meaningful gift item. One of the best ways to hang the framed prints is above the sofa in the living room. It immediately adds character to a room and gives a very chic look. Framed prints look inviting to guests and add to an interesting environment. 

You have the choice of a black or white frame, these neutral colours will look good on any wall. A framed print will never go out of fashion, as is the case with most art. The framed print can hang on your walls for as long as you want, and in whichever room you want. The prints can also vary according to your taste, mood or the general look of the room you want to hang it in. So experiment now with the framed prints and get ready to receive compliments galore.

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